How Corporate Video Walls Impact Productivity

The digital signage market continues to grow, as digital signage solutions become an indispensable marketing tool for corporations. The market is projected to hit a value of about $33 billion by 2023. – why are these links tagged?  Incorporating video walls in your corporate space can improve productivity in the following ways.

Employee awareness
and training

Workplace education can increase productivity by 8.6 %. Learning and acquiring new skills increases employees’ confidence in executing tasks. Through training, there is increased job satisfaction and productivity. Video walls in corporate spaces can be used to provide awareness and on-spot employee training. New staff can, for instance, be given refresher video tutorials on workplace processes or the use of equipment. New staff can get training on the organization’s values and processes through interactive video walls.

Employees can also be encouraged and be given reminders on reading materials available in the company’s knowledge base portal. The use of corporate video walls in the transfer of skills and revival of knowledge helps bolster employees’ confidence, satisfaction, and productivity.

Improved productivity in
the conference room

Meetings drive corporate decisions and provide the information your employees need to stay productive. Video walls enhance the effectiveness of corporate meetings and collaboration.

A video wall consisting of multiple screens in the conference room can be used to display different functions at the same time, saving on time. Hosting conference calls on video walls enhance collaboration as participants can make their contributions and communicate on different screens. For instance, a participant can share a document on one screen and talk on a separate screen simultaneously.

Video walls installed in the hallways or lobby can be used to eliminate confusion around meetings by displaying information on the venue and time of meetings.

Brand storytelling

Brand storytelling helps in connecting employees to their work and enhancing productivity. Stories can make visitors interested in your brands, leading to better profit margins. Video walls in lobbies or office reception areas can be used to provide a visual display of data used in storytelling.  Storytelling through video walls is an effective way of communicating to help employees become brand ambassadors.

Through storytelling, your staff can understand your customers better, know your mission, how far you have come and where you are going. This will increase employee loyalty to your values, journey, and improve overall productivity.

Communication and free
flow of information

Effective communication is vital in increasing productivity as it directly affects the performance of staff. Forty minutes of productive time in the workplace is lost due to unclear communication. Video walls in high traffic areas at the workplace like break rooms, hallways, and lobbies can be used to share information with employees, visitors, and customers effectively.

In case of emergencies, instructions on evacuation can easily be shared with employees. Video walls in hallways can be used for wayfinding and helping staff and visitors locate offices and meeting rooms. Corporate video walls can be used to share internal information, such as customer feedback, data, notices, and other information. Clear communication with employees ensures that their objectives are aligned with that of the organization, hence enhancing productivity.

Video walls can significantly boost productivity in the corporate space. At iGotcha Media, we offer corporate video wall solutions as well as our proprietary Content Management System that can help your company can improve efficiency and productivity at your workplace. Call us today for more information.

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