Cirque du Soleil

Extravagant VIP experience .

Group 1655
Group 1655

Cirque du Soleil mandated iGotcha Media to enhance the experience in the VIP tent at their show, Volta. iGotcha was asked to develop an innovative way to engage guests by creating unique content, posted on digital screens. The caterer, Angus Dei, also asked iGotcha to design a memorable experience for visitors dining in the VIP tent.

Client: Cirque Du Soleil
Project: Digital Signage
Industries: Retail


Our Process.

Initial brainstorming led to several solutions that allowed users to interact with digital elements of the installation.

Network Management

Design and Building Sets

Material Recommendation

Digital Signage Software

Our Solution.

iGotcha designed an interactive mirror that allows users to face swap, interactive projections and digital games, as well as behind the scenes video that were accessible through touch interaction with digital screens. iGotcha also designed an interactive table that transformed the dining experience into a performance.

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